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Intelligent Commercial Equipments

We offer various Intelligent Commercial Equipments for your upgraded and high-tech central kitchen and food production line.

Our top Equipments

Sterilizer Machine

Steam Sterilizer Machine

This vertical sterilizer is an automatic control sterilization equipment, which consists of a heating system, a microcomputer control system and an overheating and overpressure protection system. It is an ideal equipment for disinfection and sterilization of food and drinks widely used in F&B industry.

Induction Cooker

Induction Cooker

Commercial Induction Cooker with U Team Logo provides users a safer version of cooker. Usable Pans with magnetic materials eg. Steel or cast iron, enameled iron, stainless steel, flat-bottom pans/pots with diameter above 26cm. This intelligent induction cooker need only 40 seconds to boil.

Automatic Cooking Machine

Automatic Intelligent Cooking Machine

Automated your cooking tasks with this machine. With the use of IC card or your phone, recipes are download into the the machine, as soon as the machine gets the recipe, it will start its work right away. No need extra care, just leave all the tasks to the intelligent machine and wait for the food to be served. You can manually add in vegetables or condiments with fully automatic stir fry.

Deep Fryer Machine

Deep Fryer

This deep fryer use intelligent control panel in controlling desired heat, temperature and deep frying mode function too. This equipment widely use to produce doughnuts, croquettes, vegetable tempura, fried or breaded fish, samosas, onion rings, and many other deep fried foods. 

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