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Bakery Line Machine

We offer various kind of bakery line machine to support your production line such as bread, pastry, cookies, steamed stuffed bun, pizza, donut, etc.

Our top Equipments

Bread Shaping Machine

Bakery Shaping Machine

This machine allow you to make a variety of shapes using many different dough types. With multiple customization can be made, you can automate bread shaping and make many different types without spending more time. Making complex or simple bread varieties, such as baguettes, finger rolls, long loaves, or petit pans, is possible with these shaping machine.

Bread Filling Machine

Bakery Filling Machine

A bakery filling machine can fill products with a high viscosity, such as milk desserts, custard cream, custard, rice pudding, souffle, sponge cakes, muffin cakes, soup, jam, cakes, and appetiser, cream, and pastes such as mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, grained jam, marmalade, honey, pudding, chocolate cream, hazelnut cream, glucose, pastry sauce, custard cream, etc.

Bakery Laminating Machine

There is a PE film roll on each of the upper and lower racks of the laminating machine. This machine usually located at the end of a processing line. Ready product will pass through this machine for final seal or packing. Pressing distance and pressing time can be set according to the characteristics of the bakery product.

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