Packaging Machine

We offer various packaging machine for your product solution. Such as small, medium and large packaging machine, paste packaging machine, bread and pastries packaging machine, etc

Our top Equipments

Packaging machine

Horizontal Packaging Machine

Mainly used for packing various regular solid products such as biscuits, moon-cake, breads, buns, instant noodles, sweets, medicine, daily necessities, hardwares and eletrics, case box product or any type of product attached with tray.

Multihead Packaging Machine

Multihead Packaging Machine

The machine adopt PLC, Inverter driver, and photo electric sensor tracking. The end sealing mechanism adopts patented technology and integrates sealing, traction etc. The machine can achieve date printing, bag-making, filling, sealing etc. Type of bag: pillow type bag with four side sealing. It complies with the GMP standard and CE certificate.

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