Cleaning and Cutting Machine

We offer various cleaning and cutting machine incorporated with preparation needed during your food production process.

Our top Equipments

Multipurpose Vegetable Machine

Multipurpose Vegetable Cutter

This machine can cut many kinds of vegetables and fruits, multiple usage. The cutting size of leaf vegetable can be adjusted by setting the speed of conveyor and rotary of blade. This machine also capable in producing 4 types of cuts; dice cutting, shreded cutting, segment cutting, and slice cutting.

Meat slicing Machine

Meat Slicing Machine

This machine able to slice meat evenly, precisely and conveniently. This automatic meat slicer will allows you to maintain complete control over the slicer during operation. The knob allows you to set the thickness of your cut, be it thin slices for shabu-shabu or thick slices for pan-frying. With the meat slicer, you can also slice other products such as fruits, sausages, bread, etc.

Band Saw Machine

Band Saw Machine

This high speed Meat Band Saw Machine made of 304 stainless steel. This machine equipped with fast thickness adjustment and movable working table. High speed technology enhanced your cutting work rate.

Frozen Meat Cutter

Frozen Meat Dicing Machine

This meat dicing machine can be used to dice slightly frozen meat, fresh meat, cooked meat, and poultry products with bones. With high efficiency, this machine is the preferred equipment to cut meat into meat cubes, shreds, slices, and strips for many meat processing plants.

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