Bakery Machine

We offer various kind of bakery machine to increase your production in producing bread, pastries, cake, cupcake, etc.

Our top Equipments

Bakery Machine

Automatic Encrusting Machine

The Automatic Encrusting Machine has three functions of dividing, forming and filling in one process. The weight of product, producing speed and the ratio of casing to filling are adjustable. Easily to replace attachments, such as many kinds of optional tools for secondary molding for making different shaped food products.

Cookies Depositor Machine

Automatic Cookies Depositor Machine

This cake depositor making machine can make many kinds of unique design cake and cookies by squeezing out and taking shape the dough. It can produce various shapes of cake by changing different molds. It also integrates cutting and extrusion. The machine is composed of two parts, a mold forming system and a pallet chain conveying system, respectively driven by a speed-regulating motor, and the production speed can be adjusted. 

Automatic Shao Mai Machine

Automatic Siew Mai Machine

This fully automatic siew mai machine, produce siew mai automatically up to 5000/6000 per hour. It easy to operate, you only need to put well-mixed dough and stuffing in their hoppers respectively. The machine will automatically press, pull, cut, fill, and shape siew mai efficiently.

Dumpling Making Machine

Automatic Dumpling Machine

Automatic Dumpling Machines designed for forming dumpling, currypuff, gyoza, turnover and stuffed pastry and pie making. This machine is a multipurpose filling and forming machine, which can provide stable and mass production. The innovative forming method preserve the chewy texture of dough resembling handmade dumplings. Molds and line configuration can be customize depends on your product requirements.

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